ALERT | SI.9 Christmas Completion Countdown

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By Bregs Blog admin on 17th November 2014

ALERT | SI.9 Christmas Completion Countdown

Today is the start date for lodging your prospective completion documents if your client plans to occupy a building or extension for Christmas.

For occupation on Tuesday 23 December, you must lodge the final Completion Certificate on Monday 22 December and the Prospective Completion documents must be lodged  3-5 weeks in advance. This means that the window for lodging completion documents is from today Monday 17 November until Monday 1 December.

As the BCMS is not yet available for completion stage, it is recommended that you make one complete submission of all of the ancillary certificates, testing records, inspection plans etc to the local authority before Monday 1 December.

Information on prospective completion is available in the Code of Practice, Section 8.3 – click link HERE

As this is the first year of operation, Assigned Certifiers are advised to avail of Prospective Completion and not to wait to make a full submission in the week before Christmas. There is no mechanism for the local authority to agree additional time, as there is with a Fire Safety Certificate or Disability Access Certificate application. A building control officer faced with a deluge of Completion Certificate documents on Christmas Eve has to work within the regulations and the only legal option available, if the file can’t all be checked in time, is to invalidate the Completion Cert or to delay the completion by asking for more information. These regulations put building control departments, some of whom are one-man operations, in a very difficult position especially when owners are looking to occupy homes and extensions for Christmas.

Assigned Certifiers need to start today to make sure that the full Completion Document package is finalised in the next 2 weeks.

RIAI Advice: click link here

Q.: How will the Prospective Certificate work?

A: 3-5 weeks in advance of “a nominated date for completion of the building” submit information so that the authority may consider the validity with a view to facilitate the inclusion of the details of the Certificate of Compliance on Completion on the statutory register on the nominated date, plus one day. (Ref Code of Practice section 8.3).

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