The Latest Homebond House Building Manual: A Critique | Joseph Little Architects

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In case you missed it over the weekend here’s a great review of the Homebond Manual by Joseph Little Architects- enjoy!

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The Blog were forwarded this review of the latest Homebond Manual by Joseph Little architect on 12th November 2014. For original please click here. For more info on the author please click on his website here: Our Team | Joseph Little Architects

This article was published in Aug-Sept 2012 (issue 12, volume 5) in Construct Ireland’s last edition (the magazine then rebranded as Passive House Plus). It was therefore prompted purely by disappointment at how little had been revised and how inadequately the impact of new common types of construction and the complexity of Part L(2011) compliance were represented. The implementation of onerous amendments to Building Control Regulations and Homebond’s provision of Assigned Certifier services since then has brought the question of the value of this edition of the Manual into even starker relief. Article to follow:

The latest Homebond House Building Manual: a critique

By Joseph Little


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