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By Bregs Blog on 24th November 2014. 

On 20th November the BRegs Blog inquired in a post “Dáil | Architectural Technologist update” (Link:) as to the status of Architectural Technologists and the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) register. There has been quite a shake-up at the RIAI recently with the resignations of seven Directors from the RIAI Board. One of these was the Architectural Technologist board member, Darren Bergin. In addition the chair of the Architectural Technologist Committee (ATC), Joe Byrne, resigned two months ago from the ATC and the RIAI completely.

In fact there has been a succession of Architectural Technologist resignations from the RIAI ATC over the past two years – four in total.

The list of Architectural Technologist Committee resignations is as follows:

  1. Darren Bergin- October 2014
  2. Joe Byrne- September 2014
  3. Brian Maher- May 2013
  4. Malachy Matthews- May 2012

At a recent RIAI EGM on 4th November 2014, one RIAI architect noted, speaking in support of BC(A)R SI.9, that it would put “clear blue water” between Architects and their competitors, Architectural Technologists.

This statement was startling to many architects present.

Unfortunately many Architectural Technologists perceive that most architects share this view. They suspect that this attitude is slowing the pace of change within the RIAI and in particular, delayed the inclusion of appropriately qualified Architectural Technologists on the RIAI register of competent professionals under SI.9. The view from the ground is not good as Architectural Technologists’ livelihoods and careers continue to be negatively impacted upon by SI.9.

The Fennell Report (September 2103), specifically mentioned by Minister Kelly recently in the Dáil, was critical of the current restrictive situation relating to Architectural Technologists and the register. Quote:

In his letter requesting me to conduct the independent review of the registration arrangements for Architects under the Act, the Minister indicated that he wanted to see how the system could be improved…

Membership of the registration body should not of itself create eligibility for registration…the current provision frustrates the independence of the model and it removes any discretion or power that the Admissions Board has to review the basis upon which registration is being granted – it effectively allows the registration decision to be taken by the RIAI decision making structures, in which Architects predominate. 

..the process undermines the intention behind the Act that substantive decisions on Admissions should rest with an independently chaired Admissions Board with a majority of non-Architects members.

To view the full report click Fennell Report 2013

We believe the numbers of Architectural Technologist (RIAI) members have declined from a peak of 400, to 220 last year to less than 200 this year.

Are Architectural Technologists voting with their feet?

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