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SI.9 causing major delays to school projects

by Bregs Blog admin team


By Breg Blog Admin on 28th November 2014

In a previous post we noted a press article where the impact of S.I.9 on the schools’ building programme was identified- see “SI.9 causing major delays to school projects“.

Attached are the source documents for this article – a list of school projects scheduled to be completed in 2014, and a list of school projects underway in 2014. As you can see the substance of the press article is indeed accurate- there would  appear to be a significant delay on capital spending this year for school projects. This is another unintended consequence of the introduction of the poorly conceived S.I.9 legislation.

School Projects to go on site in 2014– click link here

Download PDF here: Scheduled-for-construction-in-2014-Announcement-

Monthly School Projects update 2014 (September 2014) – click link here

Download PDF here: Projects-to-go-to-Construction-2014

We wonder if any of the relevant public representatives have put questions to the Department of Education or Minister as to why the bulk of these proposals have been delayed, and what steps they are taking to ensure delays due to the new building regulations are addressed.

It would be interesting to know if these significant delays are replicated in other government departments e.g. delays to hospital projects or other primary care facilities due to the new building regulations?

For contractors delayed projects have similar turnover consequences to postponed or abandoned projects. Any capital spending delays may be positive for department with spending under pressure- however the same delays have significant impacts on construction employment.

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Imminent changes to SI.9 announced | Minister Alan Kelly T.D.

by Bregs Blog admin team


28 November 2014

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Alan Kelly T.D., has given a strong indication that amendments to S.I 9 are imminent. The likely sea-change in the policy introduced by his predecessor, Phil Hogan,  follows widespread criticism of the S.I.9 Building Control legislation and the many practical and financial problems being encountered by building owners, design professionals and building contractors. The announcement came about on Tuesday last at a Construction Industry Federation function.

The Minister is quoted as saying:

“we can’t be using a mallet to crack a nut…

I’ll be proposing that there’ll be amendments to the Regulations– particularly in relation to self-build, one-off houses and extensions– because I believe there’s a need for some change in that whole area…

I think the Regulations, as they currently stand, are a bit too onerous. In fact, I know they’re too onerous. They need to be amended and myself and Minister Paudie Coffey will be working on that.”

His statement follows intensive lobbying and consultation  in recent weeks between his Department, representatives of self-builder groups and a very wide range of stakeholders including contributors to this blog on the array of unintended consequences of S.I.9 to date. This is the second public statement from the Minister in as many weeks that signal his own concerns about the new Building Control system, introduced  in March of this year. Both Minister Kelly and Minister Coffey have sent a clear message that they are personally aware of the problems and very committed to putting them right. Coming just 24 hours after the launch of the Housing Strategy, the two ministers are keenly aware of the impact of the new regulations on housing supply. Irish Building Magazine posted the following video of the above address by Minister Alan Kelly . The Minister may be heard from 7:16-20:14.

Link to Irish Building Magazine here.