November 2014 breaks Blog record! | Top Ten Posts

by Bregs Blog admin team


Top 10 posts | 30 November 2014

November was the busiest month since the BReg Blog began with a record 24,600+ views. By comparison our first month in November last year received only 2,870 views for the entire month. Some of the posts are described below and you can click on the links to the top ten posts at the bottom of the page.

  • Our top read post was about an EGM for the representative body for architects (RIAI) held on 4th November 2014. Events leading up to, and after the night continue to exercise the minds of both the Institute and its members. In many respects it seems as if issues and events not discussed on the night were of more importance than the motions tabled and voted upon.
  • HomeBond’s current technical manual was the topic of a widely read analysis by architect Joseph Little, as was the subject of a current pilot offering of an ‘all-in’ €2000 BC(A)R insurance and certifier package.
  • A recent post which made it onto the list was the recent announcement by Minister Alan Kelly of his firm intention to change and amend BC(A)R SI.9. As with all statements from the Department of the Environment the devil is in the detail so we await further information on this.
  • The continuing exclusion of Architectural Technologists from the register of competent professionals was again widely read and two posts on this issue occupy spots on the top 10.
  • The Social Media topic of the past two months is the continuing confusion around the area of cumulative extensions and the 40 sq.m. exemption from provisions of SI.9 (still unresolved at the time of posting) – this occupies two places in the list and was hugely popular last month also.
  • Jack Kavanagh, Past President of the ACEI and IEI (engineers’ representative bodies) had a thought provoking piece where he suggested that SI.9 is “…unjust to both engineer and society”.

Remember that reading these ten blog posts qualifies for CPD (unstructured) points, so record and start your CPD for 2015 now!

  1. RIAI EGM | 4th November 2014 | Who said what?
  2. The Latest Homebond House Building Manual: A Critique | Joseph Little Architects
  3. Homebond | Assigned Certifier + defects liability policy for €2,000?
  4. Imminent changes to SI.9 announced | Minister Alan Kelly T.D.
  5. Dáil | Architectural Technologist update
  6. RIAI PRACTICE NEWS : 40SqM BC(A)R SI.9 Exemption
  7. Engineers Ireland Journal | Jack Kavanagh- is SI.9 unjust to both engineer and society?
  8. RIAI Update | What happened at EGM
  9. RIAI | Architectural Technologist update
  10. ± 40 sq.m. exemption from SI.9 | Kevin Tyrrell Architectural Technologist