BCMS Completion Stage | No Ancillary Certificates required!

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By BRegs Blog | 01 December 2014

BCMS Completion Stage | No Ancillary Certificates required!

As suggested in an earlier blog post in October ( see ‘completion clouds are gathering’) ) the BCMS have now confirmed that Ancillary Certificates will not be accepted by the new system. This means that only the Assigned Certifier is listed on the public Building Register as the single point of contact for any future litigation for any building defects. This is the extent of the  “traceability and accountability” as promised by the former Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan.

BCMS post in the Engineers Journal (quote from article):

“It is only necessary to upload the Statutory Certificate of Compliance on Completion Form, the inspection plan as implemented and the annex/table/schedule OF (Blog emphasis) compliance/ancillary certificates and documents”

see full article here.

The only reason for collecting and storing Ancillary Certificates will be to use it as your own ‘defence file’ in a court action. The BRegs Blog recommends that if you are an Employee Certifier to make sure  you have your own copies- if the firm you work for closes or you move to another job you will need the defence file for any future action.

More worryingly for the building owner and consumer is that many professionals believe that the limited Completion documentation leaves the whole system wide open for the Cowboy Certifiers (aka “yellow packers with binoculars”) who will not bother collecting any testing records or ancillary certificates and who will price their cut-rate inspection regime accordingly.

The  homebuyer is still only getting a name on the Building Register which is really no different to the former system of getting a name on an Opinion of Compliance.

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