by Bregs Blog admin team

8. Architectural Technologists exclusion from the register

Should there not be an extra issue? You will be saying that Architectural Technologists and their exclusion from the register of competent professionals isn’t mentioned in the current EGM resolution. That’s probably because they are getting not one but two separate registers. After a hard fight to have their professional qualifications recognised, the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) have forced the Minister and Department to establish a competing register for Architectural Technologists under the new building regulations.

Well done to our colleagues who never stopped fighting their unjust and dreadful professional exclusion under SI.9. And now, Architectural Technologists will be the envy of every registered architect, paying only €150 per annum for membership of the new register (currently it’s free). Architects should look over their shoulder at take note of their tenacious colleagues who have never blinked in the face of Government and establishment indifference to their concerns. See link here.

Within one month of meeting the DECLG the CIAT register went live (see here).