Revised RIAI SI.9 documentation- October 2014

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The following email was issued to practice members of the representative body for architects (RIAI) on 24 October 2014, then to ordinary members on 28 October 2014. We believe these incorporate an independent legal review completed by Barratt Chapman (and others), senior partner in McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors in July 2014. This legal review was noted in the September RIAI AGM. The main point of discussion was the legal review recommendation that the Design Certifier should be a separate appointment to that of the architect, similar to the separate appointment of the Assigned Certifier. The appointment was not bound to be the lead designer- it could be someone who ‘participated’ in the design, a specialist consultant with the appropriate qualifications.

This was confirmed earlier in October by Joe Miller, Practice Director in the RIAI in an interview with “Self Build and improve your home” magazine (see post here).

Quote”..Indeed the RIAI is advising architects to use a separate appointment for the Design Certifier role (and if appointed as such, the Assigned Certifier role).

This should come as welcome advice to many architects who are not comfortable with acting in the new roles until liability and legal issues have been clarified. It should also be of some comfort to Engineers and Chartered Surveyors, many of whom may have felt recommending joint appointments of architects in the new roles, particularly in public sector projects, was exclusive and anti-competitive.

The SCSI also have confirmed that the role of Design Certifier, in addition to that of the Assigned Certifier, should be a separate appointment to that of the architect or design team leader (see post here).

Quote: It should be noted as identified under the ‘Code of Practice for inspecting and certifying building and work’ (COP) that the DC and AC may not necessarily be a member of the overall design team. Their appointment, whether standalone or not, should be viewed as two distinct roles, with separate processes and separate appointment agreements.

The following documentation will be of interest to other registered professionals who will work alongside architects under the new regulations.

We hope to provide a detailed analysis of the documents shortly.

Extract to follow:



This review has now concluded.

These documents, listed below, will supersede the previous versions which are available on the Members’ area of the RIAI by clicking on the BC(A)R ‘button’.

The documents will also be made available this week on the BC(A)R section of the Members’ area of the RIAI web site. The following documents, with their edition number appended are now complete.

The RIAI documents are:

RIAI_Agreement_for_Professional_Services_Edition_1_23_October_2014.PDF File

RIAI_Agreement_for_Commercial_Small_Works_Edition_1_23_October_2014.PDF File

RIAI_Agreement_for_Domestic_Work_Edition_1_23_October_2014.PDF File

RIAI_Agreement_for_Assigned_Certifier_Building_Owner_22_October_2014.PDF File

RIAI_InformationNotes_on_Preparation_of_tender_Documents_Edition_1_2014_2.PDF File

RIAI_Information_Notes_For_The_Preparation_Of_Tender_Documentation_for_Small_Works_Edition_1_23_Oct_2014.PDF File

Addendum_to_Agreement_and_Schedule_of_Conditions_of_Building_Contract_Edition_1_2014 (for Yellow, Blue, SF 88 and White Form) .PDF File

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