SI.9 Company policy- architect

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We will post a series of company policies for SI.9 in the coming weeks. If anyone has their company policy with regard to SI.9 please forward to us here and we will post. The first has been submitted by architect Mark Stephens on 18th August 2014- it can be viewed on his blog here.



This is my S.I 9 policy…

by Mark Stephens • August 18, 2014 • 0 Comments

I’m a great believer in setting your cards out on the table; so with that in mind below is my ‘company’ policy on S.I no.9 of 2014:

  • So that the Government doesn’t suspect me of overcharging on ‘Designer’ and ‘Assigned Certifier’ charges; my fee for these combined services is €1. However, I will need to receive your appointment for ‘full’ architectural services (for RIAI Work Stages 1-4 inclusive of Domestic Agreement between Client & Architect).
  • I will only undertake ‘Designer’ and Assigned Certifier services on projects that I have undertaken the Design and Planning Application.
  • I will undertake ‘Designer’ and Assigned Certifier services for any builder (self-builder or otherwise) where they can prove to me that they have sufficient skill and competence in order to self-build and manage their own specific project. This ‘proof’ of competence can be in the form of the following

– Previous construction experience where a similar project has been constructed or managed by the builder

– Construction qualifications and experience (this experience can be shown across several projects)

I would therefore not automatically work with you as builder if you were a member of CIF, nor would I not automatically work with you if you were a self-builder.

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