SI.9…”No thanks” | Mid-sized architectural practice

by Bregs Blog admin team


We received this comment to Bregs blog recently, it is from a principal of a mid-sized commercial practice. It was in response to “SI.9 and PII Alert | Practice makes perfect or does it?“. We have posted here as a separate opinion piece. The comment was received on 9th December 2014. 


We are a Dublin-based mid-sized well established Architectural practice.

We can confirm that our practice (or any individuals associated with our practice) will not be acting as Assigned Certifiers.

The following issues were highlighted in advance of adoption of the new regulations, and still remain:

  1. If the practice partnership dissolves, ceases to trade (or goes bankrupt), all parties who acted as Certifiers, Design and Assigned, will have no cover. Anyone who acted in these roles while involved in our practice will have continuing liability into the future but with no insurance cover. This is a huge concern for all staff and principals at our firm.
  2. If staff, i.e. non equity partners, move practice, it is our understanding that the potential liability will follow them if they signed or acted as Assigned or Design Certifiers on behalf of our firm. They may no longer be covered by the practice’s Professional Indemnity Policy as far as we are aware.

There is no possibility, certain in our practice, that project architects or associates will act as assigned certifiers nor could I ask them to do it.

We will no longer employ staff who have acted as Certifiers in other practices unless they carry their own Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and indemnify our practice. This is a very grey area as technically they will be under our PII when a claim comes in on historic work, PII is ‘claims made’.

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