“Something” had to be done…

by Bregs Blog admin team



The following comment was posted by a registered architect to the Blog on 8th August 2014. We have posted it here as an opinion piece.

Opinion: Things go wrong in construction all over the world. It’s a messy business out in the rain, too many people, complex decisions, long projects, big money.

In Ireland during the boom, things happened very fast, decisions were rushed, corners were cut. There was no time to check, to learn from the last problem, to delay the sale, to do it again. Problems were stored up and then eventually they all came to light.

“Something” had to be done.

One of the problems was poor construction and bad workmanship. Some developers employed inexperienced workers, built in a hurry, cut corners, plastered over the cracks, handed over the keys. There was money in it. Times were good, you could sell anything. You could even sell off the plans before homes were even built.

There will still be money in it for the cowboy developer, safe in the knowledge that Building Control won’t come around and if they do there’s a policy of ‘settlement by negotiation’ not prosecution.

So the developer just has to get to the finish line, validated completion, hand over the keys and he’s home free. If he winds up the development company he can’t be sued for defects and the only person who can be prosecuted for non-compliance after the sale is the new owner.