Funding a system of independent Building Control inspections

by Bregs Blog admin team

By Bregs Blog Admin on 6th October 2014

Funding the Local Authority Building Control Departments: 

There were 153* Commencement Notices lodged in Dublin in August of this year. Commencement Notices incur a fee of €30 per building and of the developments listed there were ? Buildings…. (Very few CNs for more than 1 building need to check?)

That’s an income of  €4,590 for the entire month split between four Local Authorities. For arguments sake lets say it’s split evenly and each local authority got €1,237.50. To run their building control department. For an entire month.

For this they are expected to process the Notices, check they are valid, keep a Register, answer queries from the public, inspect 12-15% of building sites in their area, catch any illegal developments, process completion paperwork, make sure there’s no pyrites around and of course prevent the next Priory Hall. For €1,237.50 a month. It would barely keep the lights on and run a photocopier.

They must be the envy of Longford County Council who didn’t receive a single Commencement Notice fee of €30 in the entire month of August. But they had to keep their Building Control office open and functioning.

Isn’t it time that the DECLG stopped expecting the local authorities to subsidise developers and building owners and looked again at the €30. fee that was set in 1997?

BRegs Blogs will be running a series of posts about resourcing an effective building control system.

*69 Notices for 1-14 Aug and 84 Notices for 15-31 August 2014 (source:

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