more SI.9 costs

by Bregs Blog admin team

An earlier post (link we discussed the low compliance rates in home energy standards under ‘self certified’ Building Control. In the case of new homes, the hidden cost of non- compliance is in high energy bills for the homebuyer for every winter that they live in the house. 

A report in the Irish Examiner on ‘self certified’ septic tanks shows that Ireland paid fines of €2.64 million to the EU for non-compliance. (This was discounted from the original fine of €7.44 million in recognition of hardship).

“The (Comptroller and Auditor General’s) report also notes that an initial inspection of septic tanks showed that there was only a 47% compliance rate among owners in how they properly operated tanks.”
“The review found that in 138 cases (33% of inspections) the system constituted, or was likely to constitute, a risk to human health or the environment.”
The price of non-compliance  hitting the pockets of tax-payers- a €2,64million fine could have built a new school or 30?? Council houses.  Non-compliance has other hidden costs as it is  a risk to health in rural communities and a risk to contamination in the food chain, costs which will ultimately fall on the Exchequer.