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“The Assigned Certifier is the one in the lion’s den” Rory O’Donnell, solicitor

Commencement notice problems | Does size matter?

Help Required | Dept. of the Environment | Deadline Monday 3rd November 2014

Senators ask Minister to Revoke SI.9 (2 of 4)

Commencement Notice issues

60 new schools delayed due to SI.9 | Independent.ie

3 County Councils ask Minister to Revoke SI.9

World Bank Report 2015 | Ireland’s poor construction regulations are the biggest drag on our ranking

Design Certifier | RIAI advise separate appointment

Results | S.I. 9 Assigned Certifier Survey

Legal Alert | Commencement Notices since 1st March 2014

S.I.9 – Where are we now? 27 October 2014

SI.9 completion stage and the BCMS | Clouds are gathering!

ALERT | Owners may need Certifiers on porch extensions?

Gurdgiev: Irish Residential Property Prices: Q3 2014

UK + Ireland | take a quick trip to Holyhead with Breg Blog…

Clampdown on self-building is stymying construction industry | Irish Examiner

Residential construction down in 2014 Q1+ Q2: (CSO statistics)

Commencement Notices – Update | 22 October 2014

Minister Damien English “have to get construction right – this time”

12,000 social + affordable houses at no cost to taxpayer?

UK and Ireland: Take a quick drive to Newry with BReg Blog…

Upskilling of construction workforce crucial to achieve a compliance culture.

BC(A)R S.I.9 Assigned + Design Certifier Survey

How much would 100% independent inspections by Local Authorities cost?

BREGS Blog Archive 5- MARCH 2014

BC(A)R S.I.9 Assigned + Design Certifier Survey

Part L compliance – Who wants a building control service provided by cowboys?

BC(A)R S.I.9 | 33 Weeks | Assigned + Design Certifier Survey

Architectural Technologists + Architects | Parity of Esteem?

€ 5 billion | The extraordinary cost of S.I.9 self-certification by 2020

Karl Whelan: “…raft of cost-increasing building regs are at least partly responsible”

BC(A)R S.I.9 | 33 Weeks | Assigned + Design Certifier Survey

Irish Times: Housing measure will help Dublin’s crisis, but not in the short term

Engineers Ireland Journal | Eoin O’Cofaigh FRIAI Ancillary Certificates + Self-certification

5 Posts every builder must read- BC(A)R SI.9

Notes from the (thermal) edge: Part L Compliance (2 of 2)

€37m spent on ‘affordable housing’ sites unsuitable for residential use

SCSI: SI9 is “positive change”

Part L compliance issues – S.I.9 (1 of 2) october 12th

SCSI | “Highly unlikely Priory Hall would happen in Britain”- Look Back 4

Response to Engineers Ireland article

S.I.9 Job Opportunities: Building Control Technical Director €75-90k p.a.

The Design Certifier Conundrum | Retraction

Turning a blind eye | ‘Drawings not for Construction”

‘No Minister’ | RIAI Annual Conference 2014

“Size isn’t important” | Are shoe box apartments really the solution?

RIAI Complainee investigates IAOSB Complaint

S.I. 9 | Your Questions for the Law Society

BCMS: My First Validation | Mark Stephens MRIAI