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SI.9 stops Summer Works for schools in 2015!

SI.9 stops Summer Works for schools in 2015! Summer Works projects for schools throughout the country in 2015 are now on hold as a result of the introduction of SI.9 earlier this year and its impact on the capital spending budget for the Department of Education. This type of work is the life blood of […]

60 new schools delayed due to SI.9 |

By Bregs Blog admin on 30th October 2014 Despite the special exemption (aka ‘derogation’) from Building Control Regulations for some pressing public sector building projects it would appear that S.I.9 is continuing to have an impact on capital budgets and programmes, particularly, on schools. See this recent Independent article here. Quote: “the Building Section in the Department of Education and […]

RIAI: time needed for schools- BC(A)R SI.9

The following guidance was issued to RIAI practices on May 19th 2014 regarding time required for a range of typical school projects. Although school projects are not typical and make up only a small percentage of construction output the time needed  may be useful for calculations of more mainstream project types. Here is an extract from the recent RIAI […]

October archive posts

Posts for October 2014 (61) “The Assigned Certifier is the one in the lion’s den” Rory O’Donnell, solicitor Commencement notice problems | Does size matter? Help Required | Dept. of the Environment | Deadline Monday 3rd November 2014 Senators ask Minister to Revoke SI.9 (2 of 4) Commencement Notice issues 60 new schools delayed due to SI.9 | 3 […]

Ghost estates and public housing: BC(A)R SI.9 | look back 6

Ghost estates and public housing: BC(A)R SI.9 | look back 6 In this post from March 11th 2014, we explored the undue complexities that SI9 brings to many legacy projects of the celtic tiger years. Local Authorities may find out pretty soon that public housing/ghost estate projects may encounter similar problems to those that generated the SI.105 […]

CSO | Construction output increased by 0.1% in Q3 2014

Recent data issued by the Central Statics Office suggests recent media coverage and speculation of a construction boom may be premature. With only a 5.2% increase in residential output expect supply issues to continue to distort the market. Don’t break open the champagne yet. Extract off CSO site to follow. For direct link click here. ____________ CSO statistical […]

SI.9 causing major delays to school projects

By Breg Blog Admin on 28th November 2014 In a previous post we noted a press article where the impact of S.I.9 on the schools’ building programme was identified- see “SI.9 causing major delays to school projects“. Attached are the source documents for this article – a list of school projects scheduled to be completed […]

Iaosb letter to Minister Kelly – Revoke or Revise S.I.9

The following letter was sent to Minister Alan Kelly from the representative body for self-builders (IAOSB) on November 19th 2014. For link to IAOSB letter click here. _____________ Iaosb letter to Minister Kelly – Revoke or Revise S.I.9 19th November 2014 Dear Minister Kelly, Re: Building Control (Amendment) Regulation S.I.9 of 2014 I am writing to […]

Ronan Lyons | Regulations pushing up the costs of homes

The following Primetime piece was recorded by Ronan Lyons on Thursday 13th November 2014. From 16.00 to 34.13 Click here to view: Primetime- Housing Crisis In the RTÉ piece the author makes the case that unnecessary regulation and increased cost is negatively impacting upon our construction and housing sector. The author has written on this subject previously. […]

Sunday Business Post | Karl Deeter “Building regulations – rules don’t deliver results”

This piece by Karl Deeter originally appeared in the Sunday Business Post on the 9th of November 2014. The pdf of the article is available here. For link to article online click here. Extract: _________ Building regulations – rules don’t deliver results When we look at the various property markets in Ireland we face a conundrum of […]

BRegs Blog @ 200,000 views

  We launched the BRegs Blog at the end of November 2013. Intended as an objective open-source information repository on the new building regulations in Ireland, it aimed to fill an information vacuum that existed for consumers and the industry. It took 6 months for us to hit 75,000 views. We doubled that figure 3 months later at the end of August […]

Top dozen posts | October 2014.

02 November 2014 We received over 21,000 views during October helping us pass the figure of 195,000 views since starting the BRegs Blog almost one year ago. New information on the practical impacts of S.I.9 on the construction industry came to the fore and our readers seem to appreciate our rapid response time to these […]

Part L compliance – Who wants a building control service provided by cowboys?

by Simon McGuinnes architect, on 14th October 2014 Part L compliance – Who wants a building control service provided by cowboys? The following opinion piece relates to Part L  compliance under SI.9 . Part L of the Irish building regulations is  “CONSERVATION OF FUEL AND ENERGY – DWELLINGS” (Part L Download HERE and the TGD Part L Download HERE). […]

S.I. 9 | Self-builders – 6 months’ update

“When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stone-cutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that […]

Public Affairs Ireland Journal: BC(A)R SI.9- pro’s and cons.

In this interesting article in “Public Affairs Ireland Journal” from July 2014, two opposing perspectives on the new Regulations are discussed. In “Two sides of the coin” Building Control (Amendment) Regulation 2014” solicitors Jarleth Heneghan and Cassandra Byrne say the new regulations introduced in March 2014 will lead to better quality buildings and value for the […]

Will SI.9 create “Defensive specifications”?

In our previous post “A warning from a concerned Building Control Officer” we noted the procedure for design certifier. All revisions to design or specification, such as changes to branded materials, must be uploaded in advance of commencement of that phase of work on-site. Such E-lodgments of any new or changed specification must be made to BCMS […]

A warning from a concerned Building Control Officer

Here is a thought-provoking article from Kingspan UK regarding the performance of a non-branded product. Frequently contractors carry out “value engineer exercises” on projects wherein contractors request substitution of more cost-effective alternatives to those specified by designers- “or equal and approved”, e.g. using generic rather than branded products etc. In most cases the performance should be […]

Pyrite in Dublin Zoo?

In the following article in the, fears that Dublin Zoo, an award-winning state project from 2005 by the OPW, may be affected by pyrite are discussed. We wonder will the public restaurant be closed due to health and safety concerns in light of possible structural issues mentioned? Inadequate market policing by Local Authorities and lack […]

SI9- where do I start?

  Updated by Bregs Blog on 12th November 2014 SI9- where do I start? New to SI.9- Confused? Following on from an influx of new readers to Bregs Blog we received a number of comments like “help- where do I start?“. We have compiled a list of our most read posts with headings to guide readers. You can delve […]

Design Certifier – Can we leave it to the builder to sort out?

The following piece was submitted by a Director of a large Architectural practice on 8th July 2014.  Design Certifier – Can we leave it to the builder to sort out? The Design Certifier faces increasingly more complex challenges in addressing the issue of Contractor Works Proposals which the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BC(A)R) have not addressed. […]

RIAI CPD July 2014: Design Certifier in the Design Process- SI.9

The following is a summary of a recent CPD run by the representative body for architects (RIAI). It was submitted to us on Sunday 7th July 2014 by an attendee at the conference. All notes and observations are personal to the author and the Blog does not recommend any practices or conclusions in the post. […]

Where is the Design Certifier in BC(A)R SI.9?

Where is the Design Certifier in BC(A)R SI.9? We noted in an earlier post (see post here) that the Design Certifier (DC) seems to have disappeared from a lot of government guidance. The list of Commencement Notices published from the BCMS  lists only the ‘Designer’ (who is not required to be a registered professional) and the […]

Pyrite News roundup- week ending 13th June

The issue of pyrite resurfaced earlier this month natiowide with new cases in Drogheda, Mayo, schools in Balbriggan and now demolitions of housing in Shankill, Dublin. As there has been continuing Dáil, Seanad and media coverage we will be compiling a selection of reports of interest on this. The following consolidated post is for the week ending 13th […]

Public sector projects- is SI.9 necessary?

The following opinion piece was submitted by a registered architect on Sunday 25th May 2014. Public sector projects- is SI.9 necessary? The Minister’s stated intention for the new Building Regulations is laudable. Something DOES need to be done about speculative housing and creating a paper trail is one part of the solution. My concern is not that some […]

Press- RIAI: High-rise buildings and quality developments the way forward

Press Piece: RIAI: High-rise buildings and quality developments the way forward In today’s Irish Independent article on 29th May 2014 current president of the representative body for architects (RIAI) Robin Mandal discusses some of the issues affecting the construction industry at present. Mr Mandal is quoted as saying that high rise buildings and quality developments are […]

RIAI advice to Practices on BC(A)R SI.9

The following RIAI advice on BC(A)R SI.9 was issued to RIAI Practices last week, dated May 8th 2014. Extract to follow: ____________ THE PRACTICE DIRECTOR JOE MILLER IS CIRCULATING TO RIAI PRACTICES FAQS ON BC(A)R 2014  The answers given to the FAQs are based on our interpretation of the Regulations at present. 1)  Q.: What Legal Documents […]

O’Cofaigh: Competitiveness issues & BC(A)R SI.9

  Implications for competitiveness in the Irish Construction Sector: Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014, S.I. 9 and 105 of 2014 1. Background to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013-2014 The building regulations were introduced in 1991 in response to the “Stardust disaster”, in which many people lost their lives, a tragedy never to be repeated. They […]

Press Piece- Hot questions for election candidates: BC(A)R SI.9

Here is a Link to Drogheda Independent 2nd April 2014: “Hot questions for election candidates” which tables 5 simple questions to ask upcoming election candidates when they arrive to your door. Although these questions are posed by a self-builder, we wonder how many questions could be asked by other groups who are the subject to adverse […]

Murray letter to Senators: BC(A)R SI.9 (SI.105)

Previous president of the representative body for architects (RIAI) Pádraig Murray FRIAI sent the following letter to a selected number of Independent and Opposition Senators in advance of A Senate debate on SI.9 (SI.105) on 10th April 2014. You can listen to the audio clip of the Seanad debate here. ___________ Dear Senator Daly, I note that you will introduce a […]

O’Cofaigh letter to Senators: BC(A)R SI.9 (SI.105)

Previous president of the representative body for architects (RIAI) Eoin O Cofaigh, sent the following letter to a selected number of Independent and Opposition Senators in advance of the debate in the Seanad on 10 April 2014. You can listen to the audio clip of the Seanad debate here. _____________ Building Control (Amendment) (No.2) regulations 12014, […]

Self-builder’s Letter to ISME & SFA: BC(A)R SI.9

Dear ISME & SFA –  Please forward this letter to all your Members: I write to you regarding the new Building Control Regulations that came into effect on Saturday, March 1st.  I am trying to alert as many people as I can who I think may be affected by these new laws.  We must help […]

Competition Authority complaint: CIF & BC(A)R SI.9

Self-builder Amanda Gallagher has written the following complaint to the Competition Authority regarding the Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). Self-builders have set-up an online petition to highlight the plight of self-builders and farmers who have bee adversely affected by the new regulations. Link to petition:  Online petition- Self Build in Ireland- BC(A)R SI.9 The intention […]

Eoin O’Cofaigh: SME’S & BC(A)R SI.9

In this opinion piece from Eoin O’Cofaigh on 26th March 2014, past president of the representative body for architects (RIAI) and current council member outlines some of the unintended consequences of Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014) for small and medium-sized businesses. _______________ BUILDING CONTROL (AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS 2014 KEY ISSUES FOR SMALL- AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES […]

Eoin O Cofaigh: The architectural technologist and BC(A)R SI.9

In response to a recent post comment we received the following comment/opinion piece from Eoin O’Cofaigh on 25th March 2014,  past president of the representative body for architects (RIAI) and current council member. Blog question Perhaps Eoin O Cofaigh could outline his thoughts on the role of the architectural technologist employed in a design certifier […]

How to complete ghost estates + Priory Hall?:BC(A)R SI.9

In a previous post “Ghost estates and public housing; Deferral no 2? BC(A)R SI.9” we explored problems now faced in completing so-called ghost-estates under Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). In an article from November 2012 the extent of the problem of unfinished residential developments was outlined: “…there are 1,770 developments which are incomplete and approximately 1,100 […]

How do we fix BC(A)R SI.9?

Is a continuation of our current defective system of self-regulation at increased cost the best the industry and government can do? An costly “blizzard of red tape?” We need to examine possible solutions. Past president and current council member of the representative body for architects (RIAI) Eoin O’Cofaigh posted a thought provoking review of where […]

Clear and auditable trail: consumer protection? BC(A)R SI.9

In a recent Dail exchange the two pillars of BC(A)R SI.9 are reiterated by Minister Hogan, that of traceability and accountability, a clear and auditable trail of those involved in the construction process to enhance consumer protection under the  Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). Link to Dáil Questions by Tomas Pringle (Independent TD) Comment: Traceability and Accountability: […]

Ghost estates and public housing: BC(A)R SI.9 no 3?

The recent deferral SI.105 introduced on 7th march for schools and healthcare buildings appears as a result of issues relating to additional costs, unavailability of professionals as certifiers, time delays due to industry readiness and no revised form of building contract (both private and public sector versions) that incorporates new Building Control (Amendment) Regulation SI.9 […]

RTÉ Liveline clip: Thursday 27th February

The conversation continues on day three on Joe Duffy’s Liveline. In this segment an established civil engineering consultant, 26 years qualified, with his own practice 21 years talks about the catastrophic effects of SI.9 on his practice and liveleyhood. A straw poll of similar professionals in his region suggests 17 out of 21 will be […]

Thoughts on a way forward #bregs #JoanO’Connor

The Obligations of the State The involvement of the State in the protection of the interests of its citizens is a legitimate expectation and is an obligation of Government in a civil society. The State cannot abdicate its responsibilities to purchasers and users of property and there are means by which Government could control design […]